Review: Propellerhead Reason 6

Propellerhead’s baby feels like it’s been around forever – that said, I remember opening up the beta of Reason 1.0 for the first time like it was yesterday. In the more than 12 year lifespan of Reason, it’s undergone a few major upgrades, but a quick ‘what’s new’ just isn’t good enough for us… Continue Reading

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Boonie Mayfield: Boon Documented

After independently releasing one of our favourite LPs of last year, Black Koolaid, Boonie Mayfield is back with another project – this time on film. Doing things independently has gone way past just music in the past couple of years, with independent video makers utilising platforms like YouTube and Vimeo to create their own video shows, series, and even banding together for independent online video networks. Boon Documented is reality TV without the wannabes, and gives viewers an insight into Boonie’s life and musical path. In this first episode Boonie makes the dream of many a soul producer a reality and buys his own Fender Rhodes, and we get to go on the journey to find, collect, and install it with him. Boonie and friends’ talent and enthusiasm is portrayed superbly  throughout the show, and we’re really excited about having an interesting, independent video series to watch over the coming months. Watch it below, and subscribe to Boonie’s YouTube channel to get new episodes delivered to your YouTube homepage as they become available! (You’re subscribed to the Oh Drat YouTube channel too, right?!) You can also read our interview with the man himself here when you’re done…


Get Free Advice on How to Make Music at Home!

Whilst work goes on hard behind the scenes to revamp Oh Drat and turn it to the best place to turn to on the web for learning how to make music at home, we’ve been doing our research.

We’re going to relaunch Oh Drat with a completely free course that’ll teach you all the most important foundations of music production and making music at home, and we’ve been chatting to some of our readers over email and Skype about what it is they know, what they don’t, and figuring out the best ways to make sure that we can teach things in our course in the right way and in the right order.

In return we’ve been giving them personal tips and tuition, and in t0 order share the love and to make the new Oh Drat as good as possible we’d like to extend the offer to you too, dear reader – yes, you! If you’ve any questions about how to make music at home and would like to discuss them over email or Skype, we’d be happy to help. And when the new site launches, we’ll have some treats for you too!

Get in touch with me, Chris, now – I’ll get back to you as soon as I can and give you all the tips you need to up your game!

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NAMM 2012: Livid Instruments Interview and CNTRL:R Walkthrough

We’ve been fans of Livid for a while, we reviewed Block last year and were quite taken with its aesthetic – and its usefulness, of course. Livid have some modular controls in development that we got to take a quick look at, and I’ll write about them soon, but the star of their stand at this year’s NAMM show was the CNTRL-R, which has been designed in conjunction with Techno legend Richie Hawtin. I think Livid are going for the CNTRL-R live performance crowd with CNTRL-R, but we really think that it’s got a future in the studio too, as workflows become more fluid and less stuck in the mud.

We had a chat with Jay, Livid’s CEO, about how they make their controllers, and the process by which they try to make instruments rather than MIDI controllers that don’t have much of a vision. There’s a bunch of interesting stuff in here! We also got to watch Gabe take us through some of the workflow with CNTRL-R and Ableton Live along with the custom Max 4 Live patch that powers the step sequencer control. Enjoy!

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Video: Teenage Engineering OP-1 Review and Demo

We wrote a full editorial review recently, now here’s our video review after the operating system update. It’s our longest review yet and we still couldn’t include everything we wanted to, let us know if you got bored, wanted more, have any questions, and so on!

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