Dig into Sample Based Life to Make a Track

We took a look at Samplebasedlife waaaay back, and the idea is something that’s really stuck with me ever since. We’re actually looking into a cool way to provide you with some OD sounds, but not just your bog standard sounds that you could get from anywhere: sounds with a context. Enough of that for now, though… Continue Reading


Film Sound Effects, 1966 Sound Library

There’s no music without sounds, but being a musician and a sound designer are two skills – nay, artforms – that aren’t required to go hand in hand. Continue Reading



The first in our new series, Pocket Tips, deals with portamento. Head over to the forum and leave a comment if you’ve any suggestions for future Pocket Tips! Continue Reading


The Pearl – Flesheaters (DISTAL Remix)

We’re all used to digital distribution nowadays, but there’s still nothing like a tangible product. Circuitree Records has an impressive catalogue under its belt, but this is a landmark release for them – a 7″ vinyl. Continue Reading

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Musikmesse 2012: Cyberstep KDJ-ONE

 Okay we saw this at NAMM, but didn’t get a chance to take a really good look at it. I’m not sure whether ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ is quite apt but I was certainly looking forward to seeing the KDJ-ONE at Musikmesse and I’m not disappointed at all – in fact, I’m quite enamoured with it.

Continue Reading

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Musikmesse 2012: Propellerhead Rack Extensions for Reason


They’re not at Musikmesse so we’ve not had a chat with them (yet), but one of the coolest announcements of the week is that Propellerhead are finally opening up Reason to third parties – in their own special way.

Reason users have long been split into two camps: those who wish there was VST/AU compatibility to open things up a little, and those who praise the stability of the entirely in the box solution. These two somewhat incongruous positions have finally – hopefully, at least – been reconciled with this new announcement.

Rack Extensions are essentially plugins for Reason, but with a very strict integration guidelines. A third party rack device will be usable just like a core device, right down to nesting it in Combinators, routing the signal, automating, and so on.

We’re really excited about this one – how about you?


Welcome to OD2 (beta!)

It sure feels good to be back online! It’s been a long, hard slog to get things refreshed, and technically we’re still in beta mode – hey, if it’s good enough for Google it’s good enough for us!  We’ve revamped the studio, something you’ll see in upcoming videos, we’ve redesigned the site, but the important thing is our entirely new focus. We want to be your favourite place online to come and learn about music and how to make music at home, read the best reviews, get tips and tutorials, and hang out in the brand new forums!

As we mentioned we’re still ironing out the odd crease here and there, and that includes migrating all the posts and putting everything into our brand new categories, but if you see anything out of the ordinary please let us know. It’s a bit of a funny time to relaunch, as I’m about half a day away from jumping on a plane to Frankfurt for Musikmesse, the show where new and exciting equipment is guaranteed to be unveiled. We’re going to update over the course of this week with our pick of the pack from Messe, and then starting next week we’ll be jumping head first into our brand new posting schedule. Suffice to say, you’ll have something new to peruse every day.

We’ll also be launching our brand new, totally free course soon after returning from Frankfurt, OD-101! We’ll start with an ebook that’ll take you through everything you need to know to get started, and follow it up with a video course that’ll make things even more clear!

So, without further ado why not register now and jump into the forums – grab your alias before someone else does!

All the best – and please, get in touch with anything at all you want to say,



Thank You For Your Patience…

Updates are slow while we nail down the final version of Oh Drat 2.0. We promise it’ll be worth the wait…


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