Xils Lab Oxium

The market feels like its closing up a bit on software synths, with certain big players pretty much having a stranglehold. Perhaps this is largely down to just how much variety is possible from most synths nowadays, leading to people sticking to a workhorse and not really looking for more – but XILS Lab Oxium absolutely deserves a look. It might not be unique, but the sounds it does well it does absolutely superbly. Continue Reading

Novation Mininova Announced

The Novation Minimova is the latest hardware synth out of the Novation stables, and it looks very tasty indeed…

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Native Instruments Announce Maschine MkII

Native Instruments, never ones to rest on their laurels, have just announced an update to the Maschine Line: Maschine MkII. Continue Reading

Picnicwomen – Stylus EP

I’ve seen this coming for a while: The world is now ready for saccharin DX7 styled piano 80s R&B flips. Finally. Continue Reading

The Dam Drum

What’s the most limited edition piece of equipment you have? It could be the Dam Drum if you’re quick… Continue Reading

Practice Patterns with OD Sketchbooks!

Just one of the things we’ve got planned with OD Sketchbooks: Finger Drumming Tutorials and Pattern Practice.

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MIDI Chord Analyser

If your DAW doesn’t have MIDI note analysis built in, Insert Piz Here’s Midi Chord Analyser could be a real help!

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OD Sketchbook 1 – Download Ableton, Maschine, Reason and WAV!

The first installment of our new regular freebie OD Sketchbooks is available today!

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Starting Tomorrow: OD Sketchbooks – Free Sound Packs

I told you we weren’t going to stop bringing the freebies…

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OD Music Production 101 is Live!

Our free ebook has been transcribed onto the web to make it super easy to get at!

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