TAL Chorus-LX

Hot off the heels of their first commercial plugin, Togu Audio Line have hacked away at their Juno modelled U-No-LX to prise out the chorus section and give it away for free!

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Nearly There – New Stuff Soon!

Sorry about the quiet week ladies and gentlemen – now that the paint’s on the walls and we’ve been getting up to some serious testing with the review gear that’s been in the studio lately we’ve fun coming up! Continue Reading

Ableton Announce Ableton Live 9 and Push

After last week’s maybe-intentional-maybe-not leak/fumble, the inevitable announcement of Ableton Live 9 came today along with an unexpected extra…

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Akai MPC Renaissance – the Pre-Review

We have an MPC Renaissance in the studio right now, and while I want to get a review out to you guys as soon as possible it’s also just as important to give you the best we possibly can. Continue Reading

Maschine Mk2 & Maschine 1.8

Maschine MK2 is Native Instruments’ two pronged attack on the music production world. The combined threat of a hardware controller and a software brain means that the controller can feel like an instrument in its own right, but one that isn’t constrained by its place in time and the near finality of a pure hardware solution. Is the latest version of Maschine a worthwhile update to the formula?

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Borderlands – iPad Granular Synthesis

Granular synthesis is an oft misunderstood tool, but part of Borderland’s charm is not only being a beautiful looking iPad synth but also an education into how granular actually works… Continue Reading

Nois3 – Twisted Vocals & Drums

Glitchy, trappy sounds abound in this pack of free wav samples filled with percussion and vox from Nois3… Continue Reading

Transient Shaping Tutorial (with Free Plugin!)

Transient shaping is the art of altering the sudden peaks of a piece of audio – for creative or technical purposes. Find out more in our transient shaping tutorial!

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Lost Midas – Love Undone

Lost Midas is the new pseudonym for Jason Trikakis, formerly Jaetriks, and his latest video is right up our street…

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Native Instruments Maschine 2 in the Studio…

 Native Instruments Maschine 2 arrived over the BPM weekend, and I’ve just sat down to have a play with it… Continue Reading

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