Free Presets for Tyrell N6, Massive, and FM8

Working with a synth gives a ton of possibilities that aren’t available with sampled sounds. Whether you’re learning synthesis or just want some quick inspiration, presets can kick off your music to a good start – here’s a selection of new free presets for some big synths!

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Zero Crossing Points – What Are They?

There are lots, and lots, and lots of little things that can make a huge difference to sound quality, and increasingly production kit does them for us. Sometimes it doesn’t, though, and even so it’s handy to know what’s happening behind the scenes. So what’s a zero crossing point and why does it matter? Continue Reading

Waves One Knob Louder Giveaway

Waves have been cranking out some of the most desirable plugins in the world for 20 years now, and they’re about to give away a completely free compressor, a one knob compressor no less, as a Black Friday treat!

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Samplr for iPad

Samplr is a new app for iPad that has promises on the fly manipulation of samples, effects, looping, keyboards, and more, all in a pretty package that the developer unashamedly admits is an homage to the Teenage Engineering OP-1 (check out our review of the OP-1 here!). We liked the look, so decided to find out how it performed in our Samplr for iPad review… Continue Reading

Hadron Particle Synthesiser

It’s a free granular synth, it’s open source, it’s multi format, and it probably won’t cause a black hole and destroy the world.

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MPC Renaissance

When we got hold of the Akai MPC Renaissance, I wanted to push a review out as quickly as possible. After an evening, it became clear that doing so just wouldn’t do the MPC Renaissance justice. Akai is legendary in music production circles for its MPC range, and MPC Renaissance is just too important a product to churn out a subpar write up. That’s not the OD way. Thus, a couple of weeks and countless hours logged later, here’s our – we like to think THE – definitive MPC Renaissance review with MPC Software 1.1…

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BPB Commodore 64 Synthesiser Sessions Deluxe – and More!

KVR, popular newswire and music software directory, is holding a developer contest. This means there’s one guaranteed winner: you! OD friends BPB have entered a great free sound bank… Continue Reading

Bitwig Studio Teases a Little More…

Ableton’s announcement of Live 9 got everyone’s attention, but don’t forget about Bitwig Studio…

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