Free Grand Piano

XLN Studio Grand – Free Grand Piano

There are some great free acoustic piano sampler patches available, but this free grand piano from XLN Audio might be the best…

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Propellerhead have announced the release date of the recently Announced Reason 7: the 30th of April 2013. In this interesting piece of PR, they’ve decided to go with a Birmingham grime vet Preditah¬†interview/beat walkthrough. Casting grime as dubstep’s ‘lesser known cousin’, as Propellerhead do, is probably right in many respects; it’s not just a smart move to pick an ‘authentic’ genre to align with, it’s cool to see too.

Avid Stock

Avid’s Accounting Dilemma: NASDAQ Looms…

Avid, developers of Pro Tools and its assorted consumer and professional hardware accompaniments, has received a letter from the NASDAQ stock exchange warning it about its non compliance with their rules following its withholding of its previous accounting period…

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Lorn Quote

As we’ve touched upon in OD Music Production 101 and at more length in OD Total Music Production, sound isn’t just a magic ‘thing’, it’s waves of energy that our brains make sense of when those waves vibrate the innards of our duffed up old ears.

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Reason 7

Propellerhead Reason 7 Announced

The latest update to Propellerhead Software’s jewel in the crown is on its way; take a look at the new features!

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Komplete 9 Ultimate

Native Instruments Komplete 9 – Including Monark and Battery 4

It’s not particularly hard to anticipate a new Komplete – the current one goes on sale, and there are teasers about new products. Komplete 9 is around the corner, and the aforementioned teased products have been unveiled…

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Ardour 3

Ardour 3 – Linux DAW Adds MIDI & More

Ardour isn’t¬†just a Linux DAW, it gets Mac OS X versions too. Linux is the first OS to get an Ardour release, though, and it’s hot off the presses. Read on for what’s new…

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Women in Electronic Music: Some Numbers

Happy International Women’s Day all! To mark the occasion, female:pressure did some number crunching. It’s a sorry state of affairs…

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