Adrian Utley (Portishead) Studio Tour and Arturia Minibrute Impressions

What better way to spend 40 minutes than to absorb some wisdom and learn about some new synth goodness all at once?!

In lieu of our own tutorial – the OD studio refresh is, unbelievably frustratingly, taking longer than I’d hoped – today we’d like to share a couple of absolutely fantastic videos from Source Distribution, the guys responsible for Arturia in the UK. Coinciding nicely with the announcement that Arturia’s first analogue synth the Minibrute is finally becoming widely available in the UK (our NAMM coverage feels like an age ago now, much more than seven months, anyway) after some unfortunate delays, the guys from Source went down to Adrian Utley of the legendary Portishead’s studio to have a look around and get his impressions of the Minibrute.

What follows is around 40 minutes of pure synth geekery; watch Adrian give a guided tour around his fantastic collection of analogue glory boxes and then sit down with the Minibrute and go through how he approaches synthesis, as you go soaking up some invaluable knowledge from a true great (and a not too shabby conversation partner in the disembodied voice of the Source representative that was doing the filming!).

Fingers crossed a review unit will be all mine soon, as the Minibrute looks like (and felt like, from my brief NAMM testing) it could be sweet. Only you can know for sure whether it’s right for you though – let us know in the comments!

  • VHS

    I’d been wanting to watched these since posted and finally got a chance to. Adrian has an amazing collection for sure. I can remember seeing some of his kit years ago via SonicState or something. Really awesome stuff!

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