Curve 2 Beta Competition, Free Drum Loops, Free Bit Crusher!

We’ve been hunting again, and come up with a treasure trove of free stuff and cool opportunities especially for you guys!

Curve 2 Beta

First up, we’ve got the beta of Cableguys’ Curve 2. We loved Curve when it first came out, as evidenced in our review, and you can get a taste of the new version (with an altogether nicer colour scheme) in the free public beta of the new version. Better yet, Cableguys are running a preset design contest – if you can make some really cool presets you’ll not only get the revere that comes with being an elite sound designer but also the entire suite of Cableguys products as a gift! Download the beta from Cableguys and get right to it!


If you’ve been looking for some loopy inspiration, Penthouse will be right up your street. It’s a free 80MB sample pack from Standard Beat Company that has two categories, raw and processed, each containing a hefty dose of great sounds. The raw sounds are full of crisp percussion, from congas to cymbals, and the processed loops are some thick sounding four on the floor drum loops with interesting percussive elements. Download them free and chop them up to your heart’s content (or, you know, just be lazy and drop them into your beats wholesale).


For those of you looking to add a little dirt to your sounds, Inear Display’s new free SicknDstroy bit crusher will be right up your street. It’s available for both Windows and Mac, as AU and VST plugin, and brings a couple of things to the table above and beyond bit depth/sample rate reduction; the two reduction controls can be run parallel, in series, ring modulated, or the output of sample rate subtracted from that of bit depth to give more than just your run of the mill graininess. Did we mention it was free? Download it from Inear Display!


That’s all for this week guys – don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and sign up to our club to receive OD101 for free and be the first to know about all the cool stuff we find to help you to Make Music at Home! 

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