FL Studio 10.5 Beta with Performance Mode

You’ll have noticed from our videos that we’re a Mac based studio over at OD, but FL Studio is worth firing up BootCamp for.

We reviewed FL Studio 10 last year, and in the year since the guys at Imageline have been beavering away to make FL Studio 10.5′s highly touted Performance Mode the next killer feature. How does it look? In a word, awesome. We’ll wait to pass full judgement until the final release comes around so that we can review it proper, but there look to be some marked advantages to using it over Ableton Live; there’re visual indications of waveforms and automations laid onto the clips/pads, and the ability to have an indication of loop length with different sized clips is very cool.

Quite how fluidly switching a track between production and performance modes works is a little in the air at the moment, and FL Studio is making things easier by creating macros that change things around for you in a single button press. It’s still not totally ideal, though, so I’m just going to make this plea to the guys at Imageline now: Destroy and rebuild with this mixed linear/clip based production as the forefront of the design, go multiplatform, and use OS native GUI settings. Please. We’ll love you for it. 

Let us know what you guys think!

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