Free Analog Synth Samples, Free Sample Pack, Free Limiter VST!

So. Much. Free. Stuff! Free Polivoks analog synth samples pack for Ableton Live, HUGE free sample pack from Sampleism, and a free limiter plugin VST for Mac and Windows!

Free Sample Pack from Sampleism

free sample pack

Did someone say 600MB of free samples? Not yet perhaps… wait for it… 600MB of free samples. There. Awkward and not particularly funny links aside, first off we’ve found an excellent free collection for you from the folks at Sampleism. It’s filled to the brim with a massive variety of one shots, loops, atmospheres, Rex and MIDI files; it’s a real goody bag of sounds compiled from a selection of the Sampleism contributors’ premium sound packs, and whether you’re after some nice clean drum kits or sprawling, minute long atmospheres you’ll find something you like in here. A lot of the sounds have sampler patches created for them too, from EXS24 to Kontakt, Battery and more. Very worth the free sign up (which Sampleism do via social integration – we’re thinking about that too, any objections?)…

Download it!

Polivoks – Free Analog Synth Samples Ableton Live Pack

Free Analog Synth Samples

We saw this over at Synthtopia, who very kindly post about our free production tutorial videos from time to time, and were sufficiently intrigued by the promise of over 300MB of intricately recorded samples from a classic analogue synth.

You might have seen Polivocks described as the ‘Russian Moog’, especially if you’ve ever trawled eBay in vain for a Moog that just maybe everyone else has missed. It’s a dual oscillator duophonic analogue synth, and has a somewhat unique sound. This Ableton Live pack from Design the Media is expertly put together, with pages of premapped multisample Simpler patches as well as drum racks and instrument racks with effects preloaded. We’re actually a bit surprised that this is free, because a LOT of work looks to have gone into it! It’s definitely worth the forum registration required for the download.

Download it!

 Limiter No. 6 – Free Limiter for Mac and Windows

Free Limiter Plugin

To round things up this week we’re happy to report a new limiter plugin for both Mac and Windows (VST only though, for Mac fans whose DAW only supports AU). Limiter No. 6 is the second plugin from Vladg/sound, joining the excellent free Molot compressor. Limiter No. 6 has some really cool features to help get your mixes’ volumes up in as transparent a way as possible, with a peak limiter circuit specifically designed to pull down errant peaks in your audio without having to sacrifice the main limiter’s transparency by pushing it too hard, a high frequency limiter to soften out any harshness created by the actions of the limiting, and a soft clipper in case total transparency isn’t what you want anyway. It’s not the simplest limiter as you can tell, but the results are worth it!

Download it!

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