Free Analogue Bass Samples, Free Ableton Instrument, Reason Rack Extensions Promo!

This week get free Korg analogue bass samples, a free Ableton FX instrument, and get excited about Reason Rack Extensions!

Reason Rack Extensions Promo Video

Propellerhead have released a new video about their forthcoming Rack Extension technology, about to be unleashed in Reason 6.5.  The video might be a little more on the promo side than anything else but it certainly succeeds in raising excitement and there are some sneak peeks at some exciting looking RE(?)s. We’re testing the beta behind the scenes and can’t talk about it, but let’s just say that anticipation is reaching fever pitch in these parts.Take a look at the video – our favourite quote? “flip to the backside, that’s where the magic is”. Who says software developers don’t have a sense of humour?!

UFO FX Free Instrument For Ableton Live

De Juepuchas In The Nation have released a free Ableton Live instrument called UFO FX, which generates otherworldly tones that can be modulated with all eight macro controls into a variety of spacey tones. It works well to give some flavour to your beats – give it a listen and download it! (thanks to BedroomProducersBlog for the heads up on this one!)

Free Korg Monotron Duo Bass Sample Pack

If you’ve been interested by the Korg Monotron series of teeny tiny analogue synths but you haven’t got the patience to use one when there are so many software synths and samplers about, Rhythm Lab have come to your rescue, lazybones. They’ve released a set of 65 24bit samples of the Monotron Duo doing various things from clean tones to evolving bass sounds, crazy modulated effects and sirens, and stabs, all for your free downloading pleasure. Check out the video below (courtesy of Marc the Darc) for some of the Monotron’s sound, and then Download it!

  • dude163

    Thx for the Bass samples! My bandmate has a monotron and I dont…..yet

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