Free Unique Percussion, Morse Code for iOS, New Maschine Expansion

We’ve been on the hunt again, and for this week’s Around the Web we’ve found you a couple of free gems as well as news of a brand new expansion for Maschine from Native Instruments.

Icebreaker Audio’s Akebono

First up, an interesting an unique set of samples from Icebreaker Audio: the Akebono. The Akebono is a rare Japanese suitcase instrument that has some great sounding taiko percussion, chimes, and really wild sounding vocal ‘yo’s and ‘ow’s that we can hear sounding amazing in the new wave of house, juke, bass music and more.

It’s a free download from Icebreaker – if you have Battery 3 you can load up pre-made kits, but the wav files are provided too. In fact while you’re there you can pick up a few other free and unique sample packs!


Next we’ve got something that’s perhaps a little left-field, but interesting nonetheless. iToneMaker is a free app for iOS that will turn any text into Morse code; if you have a hankering for some covert ops in your music, this could be perfect. There’s plenty of ways to effect the tone, and you can get some pretty musical sounding bleeps out of it even without focusing on getting recognisable code. When you’re done you can export to the web, where you can save an mp3 or even an iPhone ringtone.

Get it here free!

Maschine Platinum Bounce

Maschine’s Expansion series keeps on going, and the main thing that the format has going for it is the way that if you have Maschine, all the sounds slip into the library like a hand in a glove. Platinum Bounce is pretty much perfectly timed in terms of sounds, with trap music stretching to booty tech and encompassing everything from new deep house to juke and footwork styles.

At €49 it’s not the cheapest pack you’ll ever buy but the quality of NI Expansions combined with the convenience for Maschine users could just be worth it – take a look and listen here. Let us know what you think – will you pay for this kind of convenience?

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