Free Virus Ti Sounds, Free Drum Samples, Huge Discounts!

More free stuff and news of great offers in this week’s look Around the Web!

Nanopolarity – Free Virus Ti Sounds

Fingerpushers have just released a sample pack that’s sure to interest those of you who like to go off the beaten track. Included are ten 10-30 second atmospheric drones pulled out of the Virus, and then two variations on each which are the result of being pushed through an Emu E4XT Ultra. Use them as is, destroy them further, perhaps even create your own synths out of the sounds with our recent video tutorial. Most of all, enjoy!

Download it!

Free Drum Samples from Daddy Cat

We like Daddy Cat‘s thinking. Sick of trawling huge libraries when all he wants to do is make music, he’s created a succinct, multi purpose drum kit that he can turn to whenever inspiration strikes. And in a fit of kindness, he’s made that kit of 14 drum sounds free for download! You can find Daddy Cat on YouTube and Facebook… (thanks to BPB for the link!)

Download it!

Huge Discount on IK Multimedia Samplemoog

If you missed Arturia’s Minimoog V Original free download a couple of weeks ago, perhaps this amazing offer from IK Multimedia will soften the blow: Samplemoog is available at a whopping 85% discount for this week only! That’s $29.99/€24.99 for a huge sampled library of 16 Moog synths with meticulously crafted processing to make them sound just like the originals with every tweak of every knob…

Go get it!

Free iOS App – Puremagnetik Clap Box

We reviewed Clap Box yesterday so we won’t go too much further into it here – just go take a look and get it while it’s still free!

Check the review!

Another week, another browser full of free stuff. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to figure out the best way to make sure you get the best from us, and I think I’ve figured out how we can make our news, discounts, and free stuff announcements even better – prepare for even more stuff in the near future and make sure you Like our Facebook page for the most regular updates!

  • Paulski1983

    Thanks to you guys I’ve got so many samples, loops. presets and thingumyjigs on my hard-drive I’ll never get through them all. Keep it up!

    • Chris

      Thanks for the kind words Paulski!

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