Fyrd MIDI Control Platform, Free Drum Samples, Free VU Meter Plugin!

30 free drum sounds, a VU meter for your DAW, betas of compressors and warmers, and an interesting new MIDI box. Good week!

Fyrd Instruments MIDI Control Platform

The MIDI Control Platform (MCP) is a beautifully designed MIDI generator/interpreter from newcomer Fyrd Instruments. It works by accepting software ‘modules’ that tell the petite unit what it should be doing – and the first of those modules to be released is the Harmonic MIDI Generator (HMG). The HMG will create harmonious bass, chord, and melody lines, and send out MIDI data through its USB connection to your DAW or live device. At €180 it’s a product that is going to appeal to those amongst you that fawn over aesthetics and process rather than the cold, pragmatic reality that much of the MCP’s results can be achieved by cheaper software methods – but we’re intrigued nonetheless and are looking forward to a review unit finding its way into the OD studio in the not-too-distant future!

Olan Lorain Drum Library

Those of you looking to expand your drum collections with a few freebies need look no further; the Olan Lorain Drum Library contains 30 free one shot samples for your production pleasure, available as straight WAVs as well as EXS24 and Kontakt kits. There are kicks, snares, claps, hats and toms to choose from, and there are a few really nice sounds that make the kit worth picking up especially if you’ve built your library on other free kits so far.

Download it!


Remember that old saying about not looking a gift horse in the mouth? No, I don’t understand what it actually refers to either, but we’re clear on the premise: free stuff’s free stuff. LSR are a new developer that are poised to release a small suite of plugins, including a multiband compressor, a master compressor, and a tube overdrive. To raise some fanfare (we assume) they’ve taken one of the prettier, but admittedly less useful, aspects of their range and created a free plugin out of it: LVLMeter. It doesn’t do anything to the sound, but we’ll be damned if those VU meters don’t just look gorgeous! While you’re over there downloading, you can pick up beta versions of their other plugins too – we really like the multiband compressor’s per-band waveform display.

Download it!
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