Izotope Iris Promo Price, Reason 6.5 Beta, and Beatcleaver Update

Another three of our favourite stories from around the web this week, with a cash saving promo offer on iZotope’s latest, Reason’s Rack Extensions getting closer and closer, and an update to a very cool, low cost way of slicing your samples…

iZotope Iris Introductory Price Ends Soon!

First up is is Iris, the new synth from iZotope. It looks like the glut of virtual analogue synths from developers far and wide is finally slowing down and Iris is a really interesting experimental synth that looks to create interesting and unique sounds through a combination of spectral analysis of audio samples and re-synthesis. If you’re quick, you can grab it for $100 less than standard price – just $149 – but the offer ends in a couple of days!

Reason 6.5 Beta Testing

Next up, Propellerhead are getting closer and closer to Reason 6.5 – so close, in fact, that they’re gearing up for beta testing for registered users. We are absolutely chomping at the bit to see what third parties can come up with for Reason devices – the first person to create an easy to use sampler that can dynamically slice things will become my new best friend. Nektar are about to show off their Panorama keyboard with true heads down control of Reason, and it’s well within the realms of possibility for a Maschine/MPC style controller to come along and quietly steal quite a bit of thunder from both Akai and Native Instruments…


Finally, while we’re on the subject of chopping up samples, Oscillicious’s BeatCleaver is a very cool looking little piece of software that’s had a recent update to 1.2. BeatCleaver will appeal to those of you that like to chop up samples but feel a little like your DAW and sampler combo of choice makes you jump through hoops to do it. A simple, minimal interface allows you to quickly import an audio file, isolate a section, slice it, and export the slices in a single click. Think of it as a basic ReCycle – albeit with a smoother workflow – but at £10, it’s also extremely reasonably priced…

That’s it for this week’s Around the Web – let us know what’s tickled your fancy and what else you like the look of lately! In fact, why not head over to our forums and start a conversation about it?

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