Jeremy Ellis’s Finger Drumming Tutorials

Finger drumming, or pad playing, or whatever you want to call it, is a skill that despite pads being so popular a feature on production gear very few people regiment themselves to practice with them in the same way they would another instrument. Jeremy Ellis is one of – in our humble opinion – the world’s leading finger drummers, and he’s keen to spread the love and help you guys out.

Over the past few months Jeremy has been putting out a huge volume of short but to the point tutorials that teach everything from his recommended sound placements to patterns to dexterity drills and more, and following them is a sure fire way to improve in an aspect of music production that few people pay as much attention to as they should.

Check out this recent video, and go to Jeremy Ellis’s YouTube page to see more. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Oh Drat YouTube while you’re over there too, as we give out a weekly Pocket Tip as well as video reviews and more!

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