Livid Release Builder V2

We’ve been a fan of Livid’s for a while at OD, catching up with them at shows when we can (check our YouTube channel for an interview with CEO Jay) and we really liked their Block controller last year, and their gradual growth from small boutique to genuine player in the controller market is admirable. Their Builder was a way of helping to spread their boutiquey ethos, and the announcement of Builder V2 brings perhaps the most simple and capable way to create your own controller we’ve seen into the market.

Until recently, the choice has seemed to be to make one of three decisions: settle for a controller that seems the most right for you out of what’s commercially available, put together a simplistic controller more as a hobby than as a genuine dream controller, or go down that dream controller route but be prepared to sink a substantial amount of time, money, and effort into realising it.

The beauty of Builder is the way that everything is made easy – a central Brain controls things, and separate, connectable Omni Boards allow quick fabrication of designs by providing versatile surfaces for connecting components in myriad ways, saving the head scratching and tears inevitable when creating a custom circuit board (your mileage may vary on the tears, but occasionally I still spontaneously well up when I get flashbacks to my Systems & Control GCSE).

There are alternatives on the market, that’s for sure, but we’ve not seen any that combine both the level of I/O and simple design that Builder v2 offers. I’m getting my ‘sketches of controllers I’ve never dared to make’ folder out as we speak.

The Builder V2 is out now from Livid, and on an introductory special price of $159 for the Brain v2. We’d love to hear from you if you’ve got any aspirations to create your own controller – would you guys be interested in us doing a DIY video series charting the creation of a special OD controller? Let us know in the comments!

(just a quick final note – apologies to people who’ve gotten used to a review or download on Mondays, it was my birthday this weekend and I took a bit of time off. Normal service will be resumed immediately!)

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