New Free Plugins, Custom Keyboards, Inspiring Plugin Update and Discount

This week’s Around the Web is a compilation of a few of our favourite news items of the week – read on for free plugins, workflow keyboards, and updates to the Ohm Force range with a discount to celebrate!

Blue Cat Free Plugin Bundle Update

We love free plugins, especially when they’re cross platform and have a genuine use. Well, I guess really we only love them when they actually fulfil those criteria. Blue Cat’s free plugin bundle does just that; with EQ, phaser, flanger, chorus, and utility plugins for Mac and PC in all the formats you can imagine (probably). This update brings bug fixes to make the bundle even more tempting…

Editorskeys Ableton Live Keyboard

Editorskeys are poised to release a new keyboard dedicated to Ableton Live. There are loads of keyboard overlays around, and in fact Editorskeys do provide them, but this is an actual keyboard as opposed to a form dependent silicone sheet which enables the designers to create their desired key action. Most interesting is the community focused design process; rather than in house decisions, the Ableton Live keyboard was designed in consultation with professional users. How does it feel? We’ll have to get one in to test…

Ohm Force 64 bit Update

Finally for this week, Ohm Force are updating their plugin suite to 64 bit and providing a 10% discount for all purchases until the 9th of May 2012. We love Ohm Force plugins because not just because they sound great, but because of their playful interfaces. Who couldn’t love that GUI?!

Let us know what you think to our Around the Web segment – should we keep it, change it to something else, mould it a little more? Thursdays is our least confident day, and we want to give you the best content possible. Perhaps more tips are in order?

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    Free plugins are always welcome! And you’re doing damn good work on this website bro, keep the good content coming please!

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    really rating these! well done!

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    Cool Segment. Keep it :)

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