Dig into Sample Based Life to Make a Track

We took a look at Samplebasedlife waaaay back, and the idea is something that’s really stuck with me ever since. We’re actually looking into a cool way to provide you with some OD sounds, but not just your bog standard sounds that you could get from anywhere: sounds with a context. Enough of that for now, though…

This week’s assignment is to create a track using only source material from Sample Based Life Volume 1, which you can download for free from here. It contains a huge variety of sounds, from drums to basses to melodic sounds, and there are enough one shots and loops to suit whichever style you’re most comfortable with. Here are a few things you should pay attention to when making a track:

  • Find some good drums. Whether they’re solo (Vault 2 has some great drums at around 6 minutes, for example) or they’re part of a sample that also contains some melodic content, it’s probably a good idea to think about drums before you paint yourself into a corner and have a track that you find you can’t add drums to because they don’t ‘fit’.
  • Consider key. If there are a bunch of samples you like the sound of, make sure they all fit together harmonically. 
  • Less is more. There’s a gorgeous layer of noise over most of the vaults, but that does mean that adding too many layers of samples is going to end up really pushing up that noise floor. Try and focus on a cool sound, rather than telling yourself you need to do a lot of work.
  • Trim the samples down. The length of each vault will be very difficult to work with without chopping the sounds you like down first. You could do this directly in your DAW, and then either drag them into a sampler from there or arrange them as audio, or you could do your chopping first to create a distinction between the editing and the composing stages – if you’re wondering what you can use to chop audio up, we recommend Audacity (because it’s free!)
Want a look at what’s possible? Listen to a recent compilation done in exactly this style over at Bandcamp!
We look forward to hearing what you come up with! Why not post your efforts in the forums?

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