Go Drumless

So often we rely on our drum and percussion lines to get us into the ‘groove’ when we start on a track that if we’re not careful, two things can happen.

Firstly, we end up just writing a track around a drum loop – and that default drum loop in your head is almost certainly not that different each time you pull it out – and secondly, because drums create such a strong sense of rhythm we paint ourselves into a corner when it comes to the feel of the track.

Not today! It’s a good idea to start tracks with different elements from time to time, just to keep yourself on your toes and avoid the aforementioned typecasting you do to your music without even realising. To really break the cycle, though, try making a track that completely eschews drums in favour of rhythm being channeled from the rest of your arrangement.

Here are a few of my favourites from different genres that might just get your juices flowing. What do dubstep, house, and hip hop sound like with drums? Listen and learn. Let us know your results in the forums, and if you’ve any favourite drumless tracks of your own then please let us all know!


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