Let Paper Inspire You…

Sometimes the best way to get better at making music is not to think about making music for a second. Cod philosophy aside, let’s take a little look at how paper can be an inspiration…

Custom CD Case

Distributing your music can be that much more special when you do it by hand (or at least through the post), and for real brownie points with your audience you can give it a personal touch by adding the hand made element. I saw this over at Create Digital Music and thought it was lovely:

paper cd case

They link over to the original site, who have even kindly put up the template file for you to download and make your own. The concept jogged my memory to one of the coolest short run collector’s editions I’ve ever seen too: Buddy Peace‘s You Don’t Have To Do This, which comprised a heap of awesome music in a hand made and decorated box along with customised artwork… just beautiful!

Buddy Peace

Paper Toys

For quite a while I was really taken with paper toys, and you can see one of my favourites in most of our music production tutorial videos hanging on the wall.

paper toy

There’s something about the whole philosophy behind digitally distributing that someone can make take tangible form in their own home that really strikes a chord with me, and the dexterity and patience required to construct a paper toy is oddly cathartic. You could download and make your own paper toys to give your fingers something to do other than play the black and white keys, or even design your own paper toy to distribute with some music – that’s a pretty unique concept. As for where? Well, search Google for ‘paper toys’ and you’ll get all manner of, er, not so great designs, but there’s a real community of ‘cool’ paper toy designers and the easiest way to find them is to go on the link train from a cool blog. 3eyedbear is one such blog, with a great set of original designs and a HUGE list of links to the community.

The moral of today’s assignment? Art is, or at least can be, inter-related. Making music can be so expressive, but we’re getting increasingly lazy when it comes to presenting our work to people that we’d like to listen. Take a little bit of time to present your music with the personal touch you used to make it and you’ll find, I hope, that people are more receptive. 

Our weekly video tip will appear tomorrow – due to a crazy schedule we’ve had to switch days this week but have no fear, we’ll back back behind the boards in a day!

  • Rhapz

    I will definitely be doing this! I hope to be djing and producing in Japan soon, so something like this would really take off well. Good looks fam

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