Make a Chiptune Remix

When thinking about our Assignment for this week, I got inspired by the latest indie game to hit those virtual shelves of the Xbox 360 Marketplace: Fez.

In many ways, Fez embodies what’s so cool about chiptune. The aesthetic takes the best of what made old school, sprite based games so cool and applies it to what’s possible now without compromising the original idea – just like the best chiptune influenced music.

We wrote about how to get some crunchy old gaming synth sounds into your music back in the ODv1 days, so go check out that page for some links to software and ideas and check out my favourite chip remix of all time: Monkey Goes to Heaven by Unicorn Dream Attack. Compare the original by the Pixies to the cover…

Now, if you’re not in the mood to do a whole vocal cover, we have a tip. is one of the largest repositories for acapellas we’ve ever seen, but as a quick disclaimer we’re not advocating downloading from there as I have no idea what the legality of it all is. ccMixter is a much safer solution for acapellas, but you’re not going to find any famous tracks to remix over there…

Get onto it and let us know what you come up with!

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