Make a Track in 10 Minutes

This week’s assignment is short and sweet – just like your results will (hopefully) be.

How often do you sit down to make some music and instead end up endlessly tweaking a minute detail like the tail of a hi hat or getting a kick to sound ‘just right’ – in the end realising that you’ve lost all inspiration and will to actually make a track?!

It’s a problem we all face. When you really think about it, a flash of inspiration is just that: a flash. I bet if you think about it, most of your best work has come from that special place in the ether that’s so hard to explain, not from grinding out for hours on end. By all means tidy things up and get busy with the more intricate progressions, background notes and so on, but if the meat of your track isn’t taking shape within the first few minutes of you sitting down at your DAW then experience tells me that it’s got an uphill struggle to be a good track.

Just something to think about – try timing yourself a few times this weekend to see how long it really takes you to get that first spark! Oh, and take a look at this classic Black Milk video for some inspiration on how quickly things can take shape when you’re in the right frame of mind… 

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