Make a Collaborative Track with Ohm Studio Free!

Ohm Studio, the collaborative DAW, is now in open beta – make music with friends (or strangers)!

We’ve been on the Ohm Studio private beta for some time, but I’ll admit that we didn’t give it as much time as I’d have liked to – I’ll spare you the excuses. Now, though, the private beta is over; anyone can jump on board the Ohm Studio bandwagon and we’ve squandered our chance to be part of an elite inner circle. Oh well. Good news for you guys though!

Collaborative music making can be incredibly rewarding, and now even if you’re a hermit who shies away from the pesky touchy feely nature of real life interaction you can join in. Ohm Studio’s DAW environment is designed to allow people to play together in the same project; invite friends into a private session or go public and keep an eye out in the public chatroom for someone with an idea you want to help with!

You can add your own (VST) plugins, and freeze them to the cloud so that other users can hear your work whether they have the plugins or not. There’s even a selection of Ohmforce plugins that work especially in Ohm Studio, and it’s all free – at least, while everything’s still in beta. Of course, being a beta means that things aren’t 100% stable yet, but it’s getting there…

One of my favourite twosomes is the result of a trans-Atlantic, long distance effort – The Foreign Exchange. We interviewed Phonte and Nicolay last year (back in the ODv1 days, so excuse the formatting until we catch up with bringing the archived articles up to speed) and they had some really interesting things to say about collaborative music. Check it – and Ohm Studio – out!

  • Jlhelfer

    This really, really excites me.  Would be totally down with collaborating with people.

    • Chris

      Let’s do it Jared! If there’s interest perhaps a forum thread about it is in order. I need to breathe some life into that place!

      • Jared

        Yeah, let’s do it.  I’ll try to set some time to download this week and see what I can put together.

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