Make a TV Theme Tune Remix!

TV theme tunes. If you’ve been following our assignments then the subject of theme tunes shouldn’t be too far out of your consciousness – so how about you make a TV theme tune remix?!

Our recent Assignment on making your own theme tune looked into what makes them great. This week, how about you look at taking one of those themes and turning it from a memorable 30 seconds to an amazing track?! 

TV Theme Tune Remix

Let’s take a look at three completely different examples, and how they approached the task of making a TV theme tune remix:

Jazz legend Bob James’s Angela, which was the theme from Taxi, was the subject of Souls of Mischief’s Cab Fare.


  • Bob James sampling hip hop isn’t exactly a rarity, but the Souls of Mischief guys used this perfectly
  • The track itself is themed around a taxi drive, which ties things in nicely
  • Even though Angela is a long track with many sections, Cab Fare sticks to the memorable and doesn’t flip the sample too much

From there, the classiness slips by various degrees. Take The Smart-es’ Seasame’s Treet (oh the puns, the puns…), a good old fashioned slice of rave…


  • Everyone remembers Sesame Street, right?!
  • A happy tune that brings back happy childhood memories in a genre that revolves around love… smart move.
  • The only of our three tunes to revolve around a vocal – Sesame Street is iconic enough to transcend context.
Finally we’ve got Oxide and Neutrino’s Casualty sampling Bound 4 Da Reload. Whether you regard it as a guilty pleasure or a smear on the history of UK Garage, it was massively popular…


  • It may be me, but this tune is annoying. Get under your skin, never forget it annoying. Genius.
  • Mixing in some ‘can everyone stop getting shot’ samples from Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels fits in with the theme…
  • Again, if nothing else it’s memorable. Without changing anything in the tune, UK viewers can now be forever reminded of Oxide and Neutrino every Saturday night.


So… exactly how do you go about creating a TV theme remix? Well, first you’ll need the theme – and we’ve found a HUGE repository of them for you to peruse.

  • Check out Television Tunes and prepare to lose an afternoon reminiscing. 
  • You don’t just have to sample – you could interpolate the theme with your own instruments!
  • Need tips? Check out our video tutorials for some ideas!

Finally, of course, let us know if you make anything, and don’t forget to come back next week for more!

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