Share Old Loops and Collaborate!

Have a spring clean in your project folders… have you got any ideas you never quite ran with? Release some remix stems and collaborate!

The coolest thing about making music at home with software equipment is how easy it is to quickly get an idea down. If you’re anything like me, 90% of those ideas go unloved, even if they have some promise. Perhaps you can’t get yourself into the frame of mind you were in when you first came up with it, perhaps you just forget…

Collaborate With Remix Stems!

This week, it’s time to push yourself forward in two ways! Take a look into your project folder and find one of those sketches you never finished. Does it stir anything? See if you can add to it… but what if you can’t? What if the reason you left it was because you’ve taken that particular idea as far as you can? Share and share alike!

Here, let us get you started. Here are three tracks I dug out of the depths of my unfinished ideas folder, with the remix stems pulled apart and ready for you to add to! If something in here inspires you, see how far you can take it! Here they are: 

Download Remix Stems

Download Remix Stems

Download Remix Stems

The best thing about sharing your ideas is that you don’t have to be embarrassed about anything. No bassline? No problem! Drums just aren’t banging? Someone else may know just what to do. Collaborating in this way could just turbo-charge your productivity!

For somewhere to upload, you could always take a look at Google Drive, Dropbox, or a simple uploader service like SendSpace, and if you’re looking for somewhere to share your tunes and find collaborations why not try our forum?

Let us know in the comments if you’ve got any good ideas for collaboration or sharing!

  • Rhapz

    Posted my remix stem! Constructive criticism welcome and remixes most definitely welcome.

    Dope loops by the way fam, I’ll see what I can do once I’m all moved in next week!

  • Chow Shern Yeo

    Wow.. Oh Drat, your page is so much different with others! I really love the way how you organize the page and thanks for sharing your experiences! It is worth to learn it from you and AWESOME!!

    • Rhapz

      Good to hear Chow! Stick around with us and browse through our other posts for anything that may interest you. -Rhapz

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