The Oh Drat Podcast June 2011

We’re back again with another selection of our favourite music this month, and it’s as eclectic a selection as ever to really get your creative juices flowing… Don’t forget to like our Facebook page for regular updates and subscribe in iTunes to get the Oh Drat podcast for free automatically every month!

1. Miramichi – Gretta
2. Drian – The Missing Note
3. IKE - Focus On Concentrate
4. Faith SFX – Play Hard ft Wretch 32
5. Quadron – Slippin
6. Doctrine – Quantised Love
7. DD 2-14 – Bromide
8. Misel Quitno – Caural (remix)
9. Mo Kolours – Biddles

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Oh Drat Podcast June 2011 by Oh Drat on Mixcloud

April May Podcast

Oh Drat Podcast April/May 2011

The April/May Podcast is so called because rather than keep the podcast at the end of the month, a place it’s slipped to over the past six, I’d rather flip it back to the beginning… so the June Podcast will actually come out at the start of June. Other than the name, this month’s Oh Drat Podcast is more of the same eclectic blend of soul, jazz, hip hop and electronica – enjoy!

1. 6Fingers (Drums n Ammo) – Aw Yeah
2. Cyrus Malachi – Concrete Flowers
3. Ryan Hemsworth – Someone to Make You Crazy
4. The Rests – The Tumbler
5. Lund Quartet – Tullipan
6. Hocus Pocus – Piece No 14
7. Cherri Prince – Misery
8. Mute Speaker – Green Bean Soup ft Ree
9. Nocow – Close to Me

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Oh Drat Podcast April/May 2011 by Oh Drat on Mixcloud

Oh Drat Podcast March 2011

This month’s Oh Drat Podcast features a broad selection of everything from hip hop to acoustic soul, four on the floor electronica to blues. As always, you can subscribe in iTunes via the link below, and this month I’m experimenting with hosting on Mixcloud rather than Soundcloud – let me know if you think the service is better this way…

Tyler the Creator – Yonkers
Lo-fi Sunshine – Inside Looking Inside
J*D*a*V*e*Y – Lazy Daze
Panther God – Touch n Feel (Mindelixir Remix)
Jaetriks – Revolution of the People
A Daase – Goodnight
Shakka – Drivin’
Infinite Potentials – Lovesong
Sheila K Cameron – From My Room
Memotone – Sleeping with the Insects

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Oh Drat Podcast March 2011 by Oh Drat on Mixcloud

Dratcast#2: DJ Wax On

Dratcast #2: DJ Wax On

I’ve got something very special for you today, a brand new Dratcast by the one and only DJ Wax On. Wax On is the UK based DJ and producer behind the successful Earwax and Sleazy Listening mixtape series, and in this Dratcast he bestows upon us an Aladdin’s cave of exclusives and remixes from his personal vaults. An interview with DJ Wax On, where he goes into detail about his sound and a few hints and tips on how he gets his beats to sound so fresh is in the works – for now, download and enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe in iTunes and keep up with all the latest Oh Drat Podcasts and Dratcasts.


1. Nas feat. AZ – Life’s A Bitch (DJ Wax On Remix)
2. Shackra
3. Kanye West - All Falls Down (DJ Wax On Lawn Party Remix)
4. What You Got
5. Large Professor - After School (DJ Wax On Remix)
6. Beat 05
7. Viktor Vaughn - Change The Beat (DJ Wax On Remix)
8. Beat 12
9. 50 Cent - 21 Questions (DJ Wax On 50 Sense Remix)
10. Beat 11
11. Beat 13
12. Beat 06
13. Telethon ’88
14. Jay-Z - American Gangster (DJ Wax On Remix)
15. 50 Cent - In Da Club (DJ Wax On SuperDiscoRapAttack Remix)
16. Big Daddy Kane - Set It Off (DJ Wax On SuperDiscoRapAttack Remix)
17. Sisqo - Thong Song (DJ Wax On SuperDiscoRapAttack Remix)
18. 50 Cent - Candy Shop (DJ Wax On 50 Sense Remix)
19. Phillip Drummond & Lush One - Maria (DJ Wax On Remix)

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Oh Drat: Dratcast #2 – DJ Wax On by Oh Drat

Oh Drat February Podcast

Oh Drat Podcast February 2011

It’s that time again – the Oh Drat Podcast’s February edition is here, with another eclectic selection for your enjoyment. Don’t forget you can subscribe to the podcast and get any you may have missed directly in iTunes, and please use the comments section to voice your opinion!

1. Do Re Mi ft Leone Evans – Rossington Code
2. Debilos ft Anqui – Turn My Clock (Check One remix)
3. Purity Ring – Ungirthed
4. Rewd Adams – I Know
5. Amalia – All the Funk I Need
6. Kadija Kamara – I’m Endeavoured
7. Jaque Polynice – Obama O’s (Mike Slott remix)
8. Sleepover – Fucking Evil
9. Porches – December’s Sweating

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Oh Drat Podcast February 2011 by Oh Drat

Oh Drat Podcast January 2011

Oh Drat Podcast January 2011

Christmas has come and gone, the New Year is a bleary memory, and that means it’s time for a new edition of the Oh Drat Podcast! I’ve put together another selection of the month’s best new music for your listening pleasure – don’t forget to subscribe in iTunes!

1. Reggie B – Every Pharaoh Needs a Queen
2. Keziah – The Alter
3. Sleepover – Outside Glitter
4. Jeeruff – For Your Love
5. Ryan Hemsworth – Laboratory Ruins
6. Elan Tamara and Dimitri Grimm – Doze
7. Kuhn – Quiet Nights
8. Miss Baby Sol – Tick Tock
9. Redwings – Courage

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Oh Drat Podcast January 2011 by Oh Drat

Dratcast #1

Dratcast#1 – Jimmy the Hideous Penguin

In addition to the monthly Oh Drat Podcast in which I present a selection of my favourite new music, the Dratcast is an exclusive mix from myself and select guests – focusing on mix, scratch, and production skills.

The first Dratcast is by Jimmy the Hideous Penguin, one of the most proactive turntablists and producers in the UK. With releases and affiliations with Community Scratch Music, Nause Corps, and Nozl, Jimmy blends turntable music, live production, and skills behind the boards in both his live show and long discography – both solo and as part of turntablist quartet Vince Mack Mahon.

You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes below, and get new Oh Drat Podcasts and Dratcasts fired directly into your iTunes or other media player as soon as they’re uploaded. Enjoy!


1. Rumbus Merrylegs – A Gentle Shimmer
2. Tweek and Mikey Fingers – Dub Orc
3. Jimmy Penguin – Mt Mag Humble
4. DJ Blood1 – Metaphysical Patterns
5. Ken-One – Slow Walk
6. Bedlam Mind – Sickness
7. Fidel Cutstro feat. DJ Foly – Patience
8. Erskone – Sample History
9. Jimmy Penguin – Beans

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Oh Drat: DratCast #1 – Jimmy Penguin by Oh Drat

oh drat square

Oh Drat Podcast December 2010

It’s here! The first in a monthly series of Oh Drat Podcasts, a compilation of some of my favourite new music.


1. TeV95 – Make it Last
2. Bedlam Mind – Deja Vu
3. Overdoze Recordings – Special Brew
4. Special Benny – Well Done, Josef! (Jonny Beverton Remix)
5. The Foreign Exchange – Everything Must Go
6. Good Kids Sprouting Horns – Black Ice
7. Elan Tamara – Frog Song
8. Maverick Sabre – They Found Him a Gun
9. Influence Beats – Recollect
10. Prose – Go On
11. Hygher Baby – Let You Go (DJ Asparagus Dirty Downtown Soul Mix)
12. Black Einstein – Fascination ft Xavier Barnett
13. Taylor M. – QuilT

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Oh Drat Podcast December 2010 by Oh Drat


Coming Soon…

The inaugural Oh Drat Digital Podcast is currently in editing – look forward to some of my favourite new music from the past couple of months coming your way pronto…

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