Heavyocity Aeon Review

OD is no stranger to Heavyocity’s work. We’ve reviewed both Evolve and Damage very favourably in the past, and the main thing we’ve taken from them is the impeccable quality of the sounds that Heavyocity are capable of.

Similarly to past efforts, Aeon is a Kontakt Player library (Kontakt not required) split into two main banks – instruments and loops – and then split further within them. Again true to form, Heavyocity have harnessed the power of Kontakt’s effects and scripting engine to open up creative possibilities within the library – Aeon builds on Heavyocity’s existing concepts and represents their most complex work to date. Let’s take a look… Continue Reading

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Griffin Studio Connect

The Griffin Studio Connect is aptly named; the vast array of music apps for the iPad make it very tempting to integrate into a production setup… but how? Via a production focused docking device, of course, and that’s exactly what Studio Connect is designed for. It adds inputs and outputs to the iPad’s basic 3.5mm jack, as well as MIDI connectivity – let’s take a look at whether it’s worth a punt in our Griffin Studio Connect Review… Continue Reading

Samplr for iPad

Samplr is a new app for iPad that has promises on the fly manipulation of samples, effects, looping, keyboards, and more, all in a pretty package that the developer unashamedly admits is an homage to the Teenage Engineering OP-1 (check out our review of the OP-1 here!). We liked the look, so decided to find out how it performed in our Samplr for iPad review… Continue Reading

MPC Renaissance

When we got hold of the Akai MPC Renaissance, I wanted to push a review out as quickly as possible. After an evening, it became clear that doing so just wouldn’t do the MPC Renaissance justice. Akai is legendary in music production circles for its MPC range, and MPC Renaissance is just too important a product to churn out a subpar write up. That’s not the OD way. Thus, a couple of weeks and countless hours logged later, here’s our – we like to think THE – definitive MPC Renaissance review with MPC Software 1.1…

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Akai MPC Renaissance – the Pre-Review

We have an MPC Renaissance in the studio right now, and while I want to get a review out to you guys as soon as possible it’s also just as important to give you the best we possibly can. Continue Reading

Maschine Mk2 & Maschine 1.8

Maschine MK2 is Native Instruments’ two pronged attack on the music production world. The combined threat of a hardware controller and a software brain means that the controller can feel like an instrument in its own right, but one that isn’t constrained by its place in time and the near finality of a pure hardware solution. Is the latest version of Maschine a worthwhile update to the formula?

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Borderlands – iPad Granular Synthesis

Granular synthesis is an oft misunderstood tool, but part of Borderland’s charm is not only being a beautiful looking iPad synth but also an education into how granular actually works… Continue Reading

Audiofile Engineering – Quiztones

Audiofile Engineering have a few handy little apps to make musical tasks easier, or you better at them – we take a look at one of the latter in our Quiztones Review! Continue Reading

Xils Lab Oxium

The market feels like its closing up a bit on software synths, with certain big players pretty much having a stranglehold. Perhaps this is largely down to just how much variety is possible from most synths nowadays, leading to people sticking to a workhorse and not really looking for more – but XILS Lab Oxium absolutely deserves a look. It might not be unique, but the sounds it does well it does absolutely superbly. Continue Reading

Audio Technica ATH-M50

Premium monitoring headphones tend to be an immediate and obvious step up from mid range models (like our recently reviewed Audio Technica ATH-M35s), if nothing else because of their size and the breathing room that larger drivers provide. We took on the Audio Technica ATH-M50 review to see exactly how worth the triple digit price tag they are…


ATH-M50 Giveaway! (Complete, see details)


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