Free Ableton Live Rack – Future, the Garage, Beats, and Bass Music Drumkit

Today we’ve got a really cool free download for Ableton Live – a drum rack filled with completely original, professional quality samples and a heap of technical behind the scenes type routing that will enable you to sound absolutely fantastic without having to do anything (except use it to make cool patterns, of course!). It’s designed for an eclectic slice of electronic musicians, and sounds fantastic for future garage, bass music, beats, and so on. It’s called Future; check out a few demos below, all of which were made solely with Future!



You’ll need a full version of Ableton Live 8 to run Future, and install is easy:

  • Download the archive below, and simply double click the ‘OD Future.alp’ file.
  • Live will ask where you want to save the project to; simply direct it to your normal projects folder and all the files – the Live set containing the rack and all the samples – will be installed automatically.
  • From there you can open up the project, play, and listen to our premade MIDI clips with the demo patterns.
  • To use the rack in other Live files just drag it over into your library on the left side of the screen.
  • Yes, we wish this was a little simpler too. It’s worth it though, promise!



[button url="" color=orange]Download![/button]

Future took a pretty long time to make, optimise for speed and power consumption, create sounds (if you count the top secret OD sound collection, from hardware synths, vinyl, various sampler outputs, and so on, it’s years in the making!), and map all the controls, so we really hope you enjoy it.

Please Help Us!

You may wonder why we’re giving this away completely free – well, there are a couple of reasons.

Firstly, we love you guys. I want to do whatever I can to spread just a little bit of joy and OD is all about helping you to Make Music at Home. When I was first starting out, free stuff was hard to come by, and quality free stuff even harder. I want to make as much of a difference as I can, and thank you for all your support.

Secondly… as much as all that is the case, and we’ve given away shedloads of free stuff over the years, it’s getting a little difficult to run OD without any money coming in. This rack was part of the testing process for an idea we had to maybe – if you guys would be willing to support them – create some premium sample and instrument banks. Something along the lines of large packs of racks and presets for Ableton Live, refills stuffed full of combinators, presets and samples for Reason lovers, and of course standard WAV packs with interesting, useful, and quality samples. What we want to know is how much you’d be willing to pay for OD sample/instrument packs, and what you would expect from us?

Fling me an email –, or let us know in the comments!

  • Malcolm Chalmers

    Doesn’t work in 7 i’m afraid :)

    • Chris

      Aw, that’s a shame! Thanks for confirmation Malcolm :)


    Hey Ohdrat family! I have placed Chris two question in a quick survey and will get the data back to him but as well you can still fling him a email

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  • Russell Smyth

    Can you make the sounds available as .WAV? As you know not everyone uses ableton!

    • Chris

      Hi Russell, at the moment Future is just an Ableton Live rack because it’s not just the sounds, it’s the entire drum rack with effects, mappings and so on – take a look at our Sketchbooks for some straight wav packs, and we’re constantly trying to figure out how best to put all this stuff in an easy to find, easy to use directory for everyone to use! :)

      • Russell Smyth

        Ahh, that makes sense. Yes, it was actually the sketchbooks that initially introduced me to OhDrat, and I am enjoying as I explore – very impressed by the approach and direction of this site. As a complete noob producer sights like this are invaluable and your no nonsense approach is awesome.

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