Free Reason Combinator for Automatic Dynamic Toplines – Seasoning Lite

This week we have another free download for you guys – enjoy!

Seasoning lite is an introduction – a sneak preview, if you will – to one of the many concepts we’re working on for our upcoming series of sample packs, refills and more. It’s an automatic percussion device that you can simply drop into a project, and thanks to our complicated routing design, press and hold combinations of notes to apply dynamic, evolving toplines to your beats.

  • Press and hold any white key from C2-E6 on your keyboard to hear the patterns
  • Patterns are grouped together by sound, with four patterns that you can switch between and overlay for each
  • We’ve placed open and closed hi hats and cymbals at the bottom for one handed playing, bleeps and other percussion elements higher up
  • By default Combinators load with ‘Run Pattern Devices’ switched off – to play without running your sequencer, just press the button on the left signified by the arrow
  • Four effects controls: Reverb, Delay, Flanger and Filter are available by the macro knobs and have been designed to give you a worry-free cool sound.

[button url="" color=orange]Download![/button]We’ll have demos and video in the next couple of days, but why not download it and give it a go straight away?!

Make sure you let us know what you think, and please share!

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