Free Sugarbytes Cyclop Presets

We’ve been testing Cyclop, Sugarbytes’s latest bassline synth for a few days now – expect a review very soon! Until then, have a few of the presets we’ve made while testing…

Cyclop is a hugely configurable monosynth, with myriad routing and modulation capabilities. Everything you hear in the following examples is just a single instance of Cyclop, plus some percussion/vox. All the modulation is automated from within Cyclop – in every case, it’s just being sent note data – and there’s no EQ, other effects, compression, limiting, or any of that business over the synth or the master bus.

We’ll save judgement on Cyclop for our review, but we’re impressed with how big and bassy it can be made to sound. Admittedly we’re still working on getting to make a wide variety of sounds, but our tests so far are pretty promising.


To install the presets, simply add our folder to your Cyclop preset folder. You can get a demo of Cyclop from Sugarbytes, and purchase it for €119. Look out for our review soon!

  • men imitating machines

    this synth is silly as f#ck, my ears are bleeding :)

    • Chris

      Oh it’s got balls alright! Something we’ve noticed is that the vast amount of rhythmic modulation possible *might* be best left out of presets and then you add them to your track as you go. Of course, you could also load up presets with ridiculous amounts of modulation variations to create the ultimate go-to synth. There are plenty of options, that’s for sure!

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