Modistant: Free Reason 6 Combinator Instrument

We love to confuse around these parts. If you read last week’s Assignment you’ll know we urged you to spend the weekend making some of your own presets… and now here we are giving you one of our own?!

Well, never let it be said I don’t take my own medicine, as this weekend I stalwartly took to Reason and decided to cook up a new preset or two myself. A preset turned into a combinator, and because we love you guys I thought why not just give it to you for free?! Enter Modistant, the first of many OD instrument presets and downloads.

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Modistant is a synth ideally suited to lo-fi, noisy electronic music, and it’s designed to be as easy to tweak as possible. Let’s break it down:

  • Dust: How dusty do you want your sound? Go from (pretty) clean to downright filthy.
  • Flavour: Pick one of four main flavours to Modistant’s tone (with subtle adjustments within them).
  • Cave: How deep into the cave will you go – just inside, or stare into the mouth of the cavern?
  • Fade: Dial in how direct you want the sound – bang on the nose or an ethereal fade in…
  • Fifth: Modistant is monophonic, but you can enable a fifth to harmonise for instant gorgeous pads.
  • Rasp: If things are a little too soft for you, this button’ll scuff things up a little!
  • Slide: Notes can either slide into each other or not with this button.
  • Trigger: Switch between legato and retrigger for wildly different sounds.
  • Mod Wheel: A resonant low pass filter for tuneful sweeps.

So what’s it good for? Download it and see! It makes great pads, with the sub oscillator filling in some bassy grit, as well as making excellent grainy chip melody lines and even atmospherics.

We’ll have some audio examples up real soon (I’ve been playing so much I forgot to record!), but why not download and get playing right away? Let us know what you think!

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