OD Sketchbook Volume 2

Another totally free unique construction kit for Reason, Ableton Live, Maschine or just plain WAV!

We’ve been busy behind the scenes again, this time to bring you the second in the OD Sketchbook series (if you missed the first one get it here) of free sample packs! I’ve taken a slightly different approach to the first one with volume 2, and whilst you’ll be able to practice your finger drumming techniques with this one just fine it’s got more of a construction kit feel to it with solid, track ready drums, bass, and atmospheric sounds.

Take a listen to an example pattern created with OD Sketchbook 2, a totally free sample pack:

OD Sketchbook 2 

We’ve tried to tread the thin line between sounds that have had too much ‘done’ to them and boring, samey sounds that you’ll have heard before a million times. Every sample in the OD Sketchbook series is unique and hand made with a variety of top secret (until we make some tutorials, anyway) techniques – no rips offs, no dodgy quality. The sounds in OD Sketchbook 2 have been treated so that you can get playing with them straight away, and of course while you can do what you like to them we’ve already pitched and effected each sample to work as a whole kit – making sounds work well together is half the battle and we want you – above all else – to have fun with OD Sketchbooks!

As we go further down the road with OD Sketchbooks a carefully curated selection of essentials, templates, construction kits and more will develop and it will of course be free – so make sure you bookmark Oh Drat, Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, and all that good stuff that’ll make sure you’re the first to get your hands on the goods! We’re working on a hub to bring all this together, as with our free OD Music Production 101 guide, OD Total Music Production video course, OD Sketchbooks, and of course the news, reviews and other curios that we find for you every week on the blog things are getting a bit crowded (by the way, if you’re a web developer looking for a cool way to showcase your skills then get in touch!) but when we do I think (hope) you’ll be very impressed.



Download Reason Device

To use, just navigate to the Kong device!

Download Ableton Live Pack

Double click to ‘install’ the Live pack, and then either load from where you installed it or move/copy the files into your Ableton Library… Ableton can be a bit tricky with custom Live packs, so we’ll provide a detailed description for the shy asap!

Download Maschine Group

Place the entire folder in your User Paths directory (if you don’t have one already, create it in Preferences). You may need to rescan to make it appear!

Download Wav Folder

With Wav you won’t have the immediacy of the other sketchbooks, but we will soon provide a way around that, bear with us!

Spread the Word!

Don’t forget we always need and appreciate your help, I’m terrible at pushing things like our Facebook page and it’s sitting there looking sad and malnourished so please Like the page and encourage your friends to do the same – it helps us to get the word out! 

As always, let us know what you think in the comments! 

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  • diDprojects

    Chris – love the tutorial movies and site content. I’ve just signed up for a couple of sessions at BPM on Monday 8/10. Looking forward to them. Any chance of a freebie OD t-shirt (large) as my Ableton one is looking like its seen better days ;)
    diDprojects (check me on Bandcamp)..

    • http://www.ohdratdigital.com Chris

      Hi diDprojects, thanks for the kind words – hope you’re looking forward to BPM! The chances of me having clothing on me is slim but I’ll do my best with the designs and printing to have some tees ready by BPM!

      …wait that sounds terrible, I’ll definitely have clothes on *me*… but maybe no spare ones ;)

      • VHS

        Haha. Nice clean up.

        This kit sounds pretty fresh, Chris. The tutorial should be interesting.

  • http://lucidsamples.com/ BOBBYMARTHON

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