Quicker Editing in Ableton Live plus Free Slicing Preset!

This week’s Pocket Tip is a neat trick that will save you tons of time in Ableton Live. While we were making the guide I couldn’t help but play around with some of the things it made easier for me to give you guys a little gift on us – a super slicing preset! Carry on reading to download it free!

The track we used in the examples is from Yung Miss’s J Dilla Project, which we featured in our Music We Love series and you can download for free from here! 

Download our free Ableton Live 8 slicing preset!

[button url=http://ohdratdigital.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/ohdratdigital.comLive8SlicePreset.zip color=orange]Download![/button]

If you’re not sure where to put it, check the readme in the .zip file and check the following screenshot of the browser – just drag it in!

Next time you go to Slice to New MIDI Track, you’ll see our preset in the drop down menu:

It’s as simple as that!

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  • The preset doesn’t work for me. When I double click it says “Only audio effects can be placed in this kind of track.” I can’t drag it onto a track either. Other presets work fine.

    • http://www.ohdratdigital.com Chris

      Hi there,

      This is a slicing preset and isn’t designed to be dragged into a track – you will need to follow the instructions in the post and readme!

      • Yeah I realized that, but when I tried to slice to to a new midi track (using the preset) it says” The selected slicing preset is invalid or has been deleted. It’s in the slicing folder.

        • http://www.ohdratdigital.com Chris

          Oh that’s odd, that’s a problem we’ve not encountered before! We’ll look into it; are you using the latest version of Live (8.3)?

          • Ahhh that must be it! It’s only 8.1.

          • http://www.ohdratdigital.com Chris

            Fingers crossed that’s the source of the issue! If you update and try it, let us know. We’ll keep looking into it and update our posts with necessary warnings. Thanks for checking us out!

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