ProjectTime free VST and AU plugin from HOFA

How Long Do You Spend on Tracks? Find out with ProjectTime

Have you ever measured how long a project really takes, beyond ‘an hour’ ‘a day’, or ‘a week’? Free VST and AU plugin HOFA ProjectTime could show you how efficient you really are…

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find that music production inspiration comes in bursts. Often, your best work will seem to happen out of the blue, and your dedication to sitting for hours trying to make something that sounds interesting is rudely shown up by a sniff of stimulation that seems to waft in on a breeze of brilliance. They say that creativity isn’t the hard part, it’s sitting down to work that we fail at, but sometimes I find it’s just best to accept you’re flogging a dead horse and start something new.

Come away from the ethereal, creative side of things, and it’s even more important to understand the value of your time. The longer you spend on micro arranging things like little fills, filter envelope automation, and the like, and even more so when it comes to levels mixing, panning, compression, and the bits of music production that are more scientific, the more likely it is that you’ll end up bouncing between two incongruous approaches that would be perfectly fine in isolation, but as fatigue sets in you start to lose objectivity.

ProjectTime free VST and AU plugin

Free VST and AU Plugin: ProjectTime

Wouldn’t it be great to have some kind of quantifiable notion of when these various sweet spots in the music production process occur? That’s where HOFA ProjectTime comes in. Load ProjectTime into a plugin slot more or less anywhere in your project and it will give you a steady count in seconds, minutes, and hours, allowing you to isolate how much time you’ve spent specifically on that project. If you feel yourself flagging, you can make a note of how long you’ve spent on a project compared to other projects and see whether you’re spending much longer than you usually do on it. What you do with this is up to you, of course; only you will know whether you’re gently coaxing your masterpiece out of your synapses or whether you’re just trying to polish a turd, but knowing how long you’re actually spending on a project is interesting no matter how you look at it (or is it? Let us know what you think).

HOFA ProjectTime is a free VST/AU plugin that works on Windows and Mac as part of HOFA’s free ’4U’ suite. To download it you just need to get the HOFA Download Manager and select it from within, an approach which handily allows you to simultaneously install HOFA’s other free plugins as well as their commercial ones on a trial basis.

Download HOFA ProjectTime free here!


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