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Free VST Effect: Sugar Bytes Artillery II Beat Edition

Live key based effects control is the name of the game with this free VST effect courtesy of Beatdrive…

If you play live or just like to have hands on control of your effects when you’re in the studio, being able to map multiple effects to a keyboard can come in very handy indeed. There’s no shortage of plugins that will help you achieve this – Native Instruments’ The Finger and Izotope Stutter Edit spring to mind, but for a freebie Artillery II is fantastic.

Free VST Effect: Sugarbytes Artillery II (Beat Edition)

It’s as simple as loading Artillery II onto an audio/instrument channel in your DAW of choice and loading in the effects you want to decimate your sound with. Change the length of keyzones, add in filter delay, amp, phaser, looper, overdrive, or low pass filter, and once you’ve tweaked the effect to behave just as you’d like, hit keys for varying effects. Great stuff.

Just like Aalto Solo (and indeed Zampler as featured a while ago), Sugarbytes Artillery II is a free download from Beatdrive, with just a simple registration between you and all manner of mangled beats.

Note: The registration link is below the greyed out download buttons underneath the picture of Artillery. Because Beatdrive is a German site, non German speakers may find it helpful to translate the site first… I used Chrome, but found that after translating the registration page the register button stopped working; it’s best to do a test run and memorise things before you start filling out the form proper…

Register and download!


  • Ian RaWdriguez

    Thanks for the heads-up Chris. Its not so difficult to navigate and signup after you peruse the form once.
    To be honest I haven’t begun to use all the VSTs and plug-ins you’ve found for us over the months but the service you provide by wrangling em all up is invaluable..
    Thanks again!

    • Chris

      Thanks Raw, happy to help!

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