FXpansion DCAM FreeComp

FXpansion are giving away a taster of their new premium dynamics plugins for free in this nifty bus compressor!

When it comes to free compressor plugins, options for transparent, high quality, cross platform solutions are somewhat few and far between. That’s why the FXpansion DCAM FreeComp is a welcome addition to the freeware market, and my first impressions so far are very positive.

FreeComp – a Free Compressor Plugin

FXpansion DCAM FreeComp

FreeComp features a simple toolkit, with a couple of handy features:

  • 2, 4, and 10:1 ratio
  • Fast .01 to 30ms attack
  • Automatic release
  • Automatic gain reduction
  • MIDI learn

It seems to be a good choice for sticking onto your master channel to glue your mix together, and the absence of confusing extra controls and fine tuning options means it could well become a go-to for basic first aid mixing tasks.

You can pick FreeComp up from FXpansion by registering a user account over at their site -

Download it!


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