Hadron Particle Synthesiser

It’s a free granular synth, it’s open source, it’s multi format, and it probably won’t cause a black hole and destroy the world.

What would OD be without terrible, terrible jokes? The Hadron Particle Synthesiser is so called because its granular synthesis core is, in Partikkel’s own words, “such a complete implementation” that they decided it was more appropriate to call it particle synthesis. It’s not long since our last featured granular synth, Borderlands for iPad… perhaps this style of synthesis is going to spend some time in the limelight.

Hadron Particle Synthesiser – Free Granular Synth

In Hadron, all the granulising happens behind the scenes and works with presets – states, to use the developer’s lingo – that play with the source waves in a number of ways and can be further tweaked with the expression controls. The source audio can be loaded too or even streamed realtime, so there’s more or less unlimited, if seemingly random, sonic potential lurking inside the simple GUI. A quick play gave us some crazy sounds and even crazier modulation, so if you like being surprised by your audio then Hadron will be right up your street!

It works as a synthesiser and an effect, and is available as Windows or Mac VST, AU, and also as a Max for Live instrument if digging around takes your fancy! It’s also completely free and open source, so if you’re the coding type you can tinker away to your heart’s content.

Download Hadron Particle Synthesiser from Partikkel!

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