IK Multimedia Release Free T-Racks Effects Plugins

Two free plugins for everyone! IK Multimedia are getting into the Christmas spirit…

Ah, T-Racks. Loading up those yellow rack tools sends a pleasant air of nostalgia down my spine, as back in the – no, I’m not going to say ‘back in the day’, because it’s a horrific turn of phrase that almost nobody who’s ever uttered it is old nor wise enough to use – a few years ago, it was one of the first software only sound processing tools designed as a one stop mastering suite to improve the sound of the fledgling in-the-box music production scene. Nowadays you lot don’t know you’re born… arg, I’m doing it again.

Enough with the forced witticisms: for the princely sum of zero you can now get hold of the classic T-Racks Equaliser and a T-Racks Metering plugin, simply by registering an account at IK Multimedia. When you’ve registered you’ll get emails with a link to download the T-Racks CS trial, which when authorised will give you both a custom rack with a heap of new T-Racks plugins available for insertion as one plugin, and the two freebies as discrete separates.

T-Racks Free Equaliser

With low cut, high cut, two fully parametric mids and frequency adjustable high and low EQ, T-Racks Equaliser is no slouch which despite being designed as a mastering EQ can be used on individual tracks with equally impressive results. The ability to work in stereo or mono mode or even split left/right channel mode is also very cool, and something not a lot of free mastering EQs can boast. Tip: for maximum quality, hit the ‘pref’ button at the bottom left and turn off Lowest Latency and on Oversampling. This adds a lot of latency to your mix, but creates slightly smoother resonance peaks and reduces phase issues.

T-Racks Free Metering Suite

The Metering plugin is designed to be stuck on your master channel to show you information about both real power and perceived loudness, phase, and spectrum analysis. It can even suggest the sweet spot for a huge amount of preset styles (a matching analyser would be even better, but this is a free plugin after all!) and can really help you to push your sound – perhaps better put, it can help you figure out where you’re pushing too hard and would get better results elsewhere.

Head over to the T-Racks homepage and click on the big FREE in the left sidebar to get yourself registered, then watch for your email with download and registration code. A quick word of warning: you’ll need to authorise online with a call/response system from within the plugin to get started, and if you use the T-Racks CS plugin (as opposed to the individual tools) and have anything that isn’t free in there you’ll get bouts of white noise inputted into your signal periodically. While you’re at the site, you’ll also be able to take a look at the premium range of mastering plugins to see if any take your fancy, and use two day trial codes to give them a whirl too!

Click here to go there now, and Enjoy!
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