Kingtao Tape Delay & Compressor Plugins

New guys King Tao have a couple of freebies for you to play with – a free compressor and free tape delay plugin…

As usual we try and find you guys as much stuff that’s actually going to be useful to you as possible. I’m totally aware that there comes a certain point when you’ve got all the effects you need, and when it comes to fairly simple ones like tape delay emulations then realistically you’re going to have a go to plugin that you’ll use most of the time.

To get that coveted ‘go to’ status, an effect has to be stable, good looking, and sound good. These offerings from King Tao at least fill two of those criteria, as by Kingtao’s own admission there are a couple of compatibility issues with the compressor. Looking good is perhaps not only subjective but also the least important from a nuts and bolts perspective, but then… well we’re musicians, we care about aesthetics, right?!

King Tao Free Tape Delay Plugin

The tape delay has a lovely big dial for changing tape speed, and whilst there’s no sync for the speed/delay time it really makes you want to experiment with changing tape speed mid delay.

King Tao Free Compressor Plugin

Compressor can create some nice splashy drums in extreme settings – attack and release speed are very quick and there’s a big – not limiter big, but big – ratio of 10:1 available.

 Download Them!

We didn’t have any issues with compatibility in Reaper and King Tao promise they’re constantly improving their plugins, so they might be worth a look – and I hope we see more from King Tao in the future!

If you’re looking for plugins to test your new found holistic knowledge of effects after taking OD Total Music Production then they’ll be right up your street ;)



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