TAL Chorus-LX

Hot off the heels of their first commercial plugin, Togu Audio Line have hacked away at their Juno modelled U-No-LX to prise out the chorus section and give it away for free!

TAL-Chorus-LX Free VST and AU Plugin

TAL-Chorus-LX is a very simple free VST plugin (and AU!) that emulates the classic Roland Juno 60′s chorus section – and by simple I mean there are two buttons and a stereo width dial. No delay, speed, filtering, or any other settings to fiddle with, just simple, set and forget chorusing.

TAL Chorus LX Free Chorus Plugin, AU VST

Of all of TAL’s almost universally excellent freeware plugins, their chorus/flange/phaser plugins are the only ones we don’t really get on with (they may very well work for you, of course, but at our end they’re the only ones with the occasional stability and sound issues). Keeping it simple, and emulating a classic chorus section, makes for a worthy addition to the TAL line up – if you’re in need of some easy peasy chorusing it’s your lucky day!

TAL Chorus-LX is available for PC and Mac, in AU or VST format and both 32 and 64 bit – just head over to the TAL website to download it!

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