U-he Podolski Synth

More freeness from U-he, this time with the free synth Podolski, a cleaned up and tweaked version of a synth from the vaults…

Podolski: Freeware Synth

U-he call the release of Podolski ‘history refurbished’, which is quite a nice term. Harking back to 2005, the era of cover CD bundled instruments and effects, Podolski is a single oscillator, single filter synth. It may be fairly basic, but importantly it sounds good and there’s plenty of modulatable commands – both through the ADSR envelope, the voice and master LFOs, and all the good stuff you expect for expressive play, like mod wheel, velocity, pressure, gate, and more.

Better still there’s an arpeggiator in the synth, which can have its run defined manually over up to 16 steps, including note length, gate steps, voices, transposition and a modulation source that other parts of the synth can be attached to.

With chorus and delay thrown into the mix there’s quite a lot of possibilities with Podolski and it might not be the most versatile synth on the world but if you have a small number of freeware synths you like to stick to, it never hurts to exploit the sonic possibilities of another!

Download Podolski for Windows and Mac in VST or AU now!
  • Rhapz

    Interesting to see what kind of layered sounds can be concocted in conjunction with the Tyrell N6

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