Waves One Knob Louder Giveaway

Waves have been cranking out some of the most desirable plugins in the world for 20 years now, and they’re about to give away a completely free compressor, a one knob compressor no less, as a Black Friday treat!

Compression’s viewed by many as a bit of a dark art, not least because if you don’t know what you’re doing with thresholds, ratios, input and output gain, knee shapes and all that other goodness you can turn a perfectly fine mix into a stale mess. There’s a lot to be said for understanding the nitty gritty of how your effects are making a difference to your sound (and if you need somewhere to start our OD Total Music Production course is a proven all in one for helping you on your quest to music mastery!), but sometimes something you can just make a simple tweak to is the best way to keep you in the zone.

One Knob Louder: Free Compressor

We’ve looked at some simple compression plugins before – the Xfer Mastering Compressor springs to mind – but we’re excited to try the Waves One Knob Louder plugin when the link touches down in my email tomorrow! All you have to do to get your hands on it is sign up here between now and the 26th of November and Waves will send you a link to download absolutely free!

Click here to sign up!
  • http://twitter.com/cento_mila centomila

    I’ve tried this plugin yesterday and it’s awesome. Everythings sounds fucking good. I’m impressed!

  • Rhapz

    Downloaded the Waves License center, made sure it was activated on the website, and sent the license to my computer. But can’t get the VST to work. Anyone with the same problem or is it only me who has these problems? :)

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