Xfer OTT Mastering Compressor

Well, you’ve heard of one knob compression… what about one knob multiband mastering compression?!

You know that super high energy, almost fizzy sound to a lot of dance floor oriented electronic music? A lot of it’s down to massive, loudness wars inspired compression. Quite often people use extensive sidechaining techniques to try and achieve what is often just the result of a multiband stereo mix compressor pumping different frequency bands, and whilst it’s never going to win awards for fidelity, there’s no denying there’s a visceral edge to the sound that gets the blood pumping.

Xfer OTT Mastering Compressor

OTT, from Xfer Records, is a really simple plugin that is essentially a multiband mastering compressor with a single setting. Throw it on the master channel for instant dynamic crushing energy in your tracks; your mileage may vary, but it could be just the ticket. A bit of playing around really does seem to give life to (or take it away from, depending on how you look at it) tracks, and you can play with the ‘time’, which seems to be a mix of attack and release speed for dial-able pump, as well as input gain which essentially sets the threshold for all the bands, output gain to make sure you don’t clip, and depth if you want to have a bit of control over how much you use it (but to be honest, this is very much an all or nothing effect in my eyes). It’s about as close to one knob compression as you’ll get from a multiband limiter, and even though it’s got limited use we think it’s a really neat idea!

Download it!

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