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Free Synth: Madronna Labs Aalto Solo

For nothing but a registration on a German language website you can get your hands on the very capable Aalto Solo – a free synth, no less!

Madronna Labs Aalto Solo: Free Synth

Available for Mac and PC in VST format, Aalto Solo has an interesting interface and some even more interesting features, including a ‘complex oscillator’, an internal scale filter with hundreds (probably, anyway, there’s definitely over a hundred but I lost count) of scales from across the world and an interesting patching system that allows you to visually connect patch cables between envelopes and modulators and the oscillator, filters, and so on.

Simply register at Beatdrive, an online accompaniment to Germany’s Beat magazine, for your free download – you can also get Zampler, something we’ve featured in the past, and a special version of Sugarbytes Artillery!

Quick Note: The registration link is below the greyed out download buttons underneath the picture of Aalto Solo. Because Beatdrive is a German site, a browser with translate capabilities might help if you don’t speak German. However, I had difficulty using Chrome and getting the register button to actually work if I’d translated the registration page, so you might need to exercise some memory skills here.

Register and download now!
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