Melodo, Cloud Based Music Production

We’re all in this together, and Melodo’s designed to make sharing your musical ideas even easier…

Melodo is a new sequencer plugin, currently in free beta, that contains some basic built in sounds as well as support for VST and AU plugins. The point? Cloud based sequence sharing. This approach to music making has been gaining speed of late, with software like OhmStudio going the whole hog with a cloud based DAW and Cableguys’ Curve offering cloud based synth presets, but Melodo is the first thing we recall that’s designed specifically for extending your existing setup and workflow and plugging in the world.

Searching for a sequence requires you to be signed in, and somewhat predictably so does publishing one – but the cool thing is that Melodo remembers the plugin you used for the sequence and, if program information is supported in the plugin, the sound (although this didn’t seem to work well in my little poking around session). You can also route MIDI into Melodo to record existing sequences, or import .mid files via an import box.

The plugin doesn’t sync to the host sequencer, but a neat little feature allows you to click and drag any sequence as a MIDI clip into your DAW, so you can use the hive mind’s creative inspiration and dip into Melodo for a clip of any speed and genre to see how it’ll fit into your project…

One thing I don’t see right now is any offline capability. In my eyes there’s quite a lot of potential for a plugin like this to house a personal library of sequences that you can dip into and out of, but at the moment everything you do in Melodo requires you to be a part of the cloud.

Head over to Comelody to download the free beta, give it a go and let us know your thoughts!

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