NanoStudio Free for Mac and Windows!

NanoStudio is one of the most popular and fully featured iOS music production apps, and in an inspired move Blip have brought it to the Mac and Windows – for free!

Giving away a fully featured version of NanoStudio free is a smart move on Blip’s part. Whilst most DAWs are tailored to the sit down and click style of working, NanoStudio’s simple interface is fun enough to use on a desktop but leaves you (or me, at least) with a refreshed desire to load things up on the go… and the £10.49 price of the app on iOS seems even more valuable with the desktop version to play with.


It very much ‘feels’ like the iOS version, with things like menus popping up by click and hold and all the preferences etc handled in the GUI, but that’s no bad thing; switching between the interfaces is a pretty seamless experience and the ability to import and export NSP projects so that you can take your tracks from your iPad to your studio computer and vice versa is a seriously cool prospect.

Download NanoStudio Free!
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