BPB Commodore 64 Synthesiser Sessions Deluxe – and More!

KVR, popular newswire and music software directory, is holding a developer contest. This means there’s one guaranteed winner: you! OD friends BPB have entered a great free sound bank…

The KVR Developer Challenge has had a year or two off, but it’s back and bigger than ever with 55 entries! We always try to be inclusive at OD and so we tend to skip through Windows only plugins, but everyone loves new sounds and BPB’s Commodore Synthesiser Sessions Deluxe caught our eye with not just its sounds, but its efforts to be available to as many people as possible.


Free Chiptune Samples Library: Commodore 64 Synthesiser Sessions Deluxe

In order to get the most authentic sounds into this free chiptune samples library, everything in it has been recorded straight out of the Commodore 64′s outputs without any noise reduction, EQ, or other trickery. Press a key, and you’re getting pretty much the same sound out of the sampler instruments as you would the Commodore 64 itself – especially if the key you’re pressing is a root sample. When it comes to the amount of samples in the pack, the approach has been to keep patch size manageable whilst making as little trade off with authenticity as possible, so whilst there aren’t samples for every single key there are plenty to give you a natural playing range and the length of the samples ensures that looping in the patch itself isn’t an issue.

We don’t feature Kontakt specific patches at OD because of the need to have a full version of Native Instruments’ Kontakt to use them, but there’s no doubt that a well made Kontakt instrument is a wonderful thing to use thanks to Kontakt’s superb built in effects, scripting engine, and GUI creation capabilities (take a look at our reviews of the commercial Damage and Evolve from Heavyocity, which run inside the free Kontakt Player and don’t require the full version of Kontakt to use). BPB are also wary of cutting down their audience in this way, and so have provided .sfz patches for samplers that support them as well as Zampler patches, a free sampler that we took a look at a couple of months ago here. However if you do have a copy of Kontakt, you’ll be treated to a very pretty GUI thanks to BPB’s collaboration with Rhythmic Robot. Take a look at the video for a peek!

All in all this is a really worthwhile sound pack for chip tune aficionados, and you can…

download it completely free here!

Simply click on the ‘Any OS Soundware’ button and your download will start, and if you’re in a voting mood you’ll also notice the 1-5 buttons along the sides! While you’re there, you can also pick up a ton of other entries; there are some familiar faces in there, including an analogue modelled equaliser from Ignite Amps, whose free distortion plugin we enjoyed a little while back. Just don’t forget that these are competition entries produced to a deadline, and as such there’s a chance that some plugins might not work as expected. That in mind, have fun!

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