Carl Lofgren & Rekkerd – Freon Surfer FZ

More free sounds this week in the form of some very tasty free lo-fi drum samples…

Freon Surfer FZ: Free Lo-fi Drum Samples

The good folk – folk singular, not that that makes any sense (hi Ronnie) – over at Rekkerd and Carl Lofgren of Fingerpushers/Plughugger have seen fit to furnish you guys with a brand new, free lo-fi drum samples kit. The Freon Surfer FZ comprises a set of eight electronic drum sounds sampled into a Casio FZ-20M sampler at a few settings: Its max sample rate of 36KHz, its lowest of 9KHz, and for maximum dirt not only the lowest sample rate but also 9dB over the limit to introduce some distortion from the analogue converters. As an extra treat, the sounds have also been stretched and squished with the timestretch of an E-mu E4XT sampler until they sound seriously lo-fi.

Freon Surfer FZ

That’s a total of 32 free lo-fi drum samples in four kits, and there are patches for both Native Instruments’ Maschine and Kontakt and FXpansion’s Geist (for more freebies check out FXpansion’s recently released FreeComp compressor plugin!). Of course, the samples are there in WAV for you to do what you will with too.

Download it!
  • Ronnie

    Hi, Chris! ;-)
    Many thanks for spreading the news

    • Chris

      No problem Ronnie, thanks for the freebie!

  • Chow Shern Yeo

    WOW! Cool!!

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