Free Presets for Tyrell N6, Massive, and FM8

Working with a synth gives a ton of possibilities that aren’t available with sampled sounds. Whether you’re learning synthesis or just want some quick inspiration, presets can kick off your music to a good start – here’s a selection of new free presets for some big synths!

Free Presets for Massive

Native Instruments’ Massive probably needs little introduction; between its unbelievably deep modulation engine and its vast preset library, it’s wormed its way into a huge amount of electronic music over the past few years. The Unfinished has made Massive Ammunition, a full library of its own presets for Massive, along with a free sampler containing 20 presets for you to play with. The album below is a demo containing sounds from the library, and you can download it below!

Download it!


Free Presets for Tyrell N6

U-he’s Tyrell N6 is a freeware synthesiser with a really great sound. It’s the hardware synth that never was, as it came about through a crowd sourced design spec for a nuts and bolts synth that unfortunately never quite materialised, but at least there’s a software version – and it’s more than capable. Audio Mind Project has put together 68 presets, wide in variety and versatile in application, that will give you some instant inspiration. Listen to the demo below and download for free! 

Download it!


Free Presets for FM8

Native Instruments’ FM8 is an evolution of their classic FM7 synth, a near perfect emulation of the legendary Yamaha DX7 FM synthesiser. FM8 uses FM to create huge, morphing sounds and Human Workshop have just released 10 presets for it with a dark, drum and bass focus full of sub and squelch. Check the video below and download them for free from Human Workshop…

Download Now!


Got any favourites, or anything else our readers should know about? Let us know below!

  • Rhapz

    The N6 sounds amazing, might check that one out.

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